Swimming Pool Safety
Do’s & Don’ts

Swimming pool safety is an important consideration if you have a swimming pool at home. Thinking that your children are safe just because they know how to swim, can be a huge mistake.

Accidents in the pool can happen suddenly, without any warning and can affect anyone, even those who can swim. Keeping these few safety precautions in mind is paramount for anyone who has a swimming pool on their premises.

3 Swimming Pool Safety Do’s

  1. Use Reliable Pool Safety Equipment: It is impossible to supervise your kids every second of the day. Unfortunately, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Using reliable pool safety equipment such as pool safety nets, pool covers and barriers such as walls or fences and other recommended pool safety products can minimize the potential danger that a swimming pool presents.
  1. Pool safety netsand covers should cover the pool completely when not in use so that no little ones can squeeze in through the gaps. Fences and gates should be at least 4 feet in height with vertical slats no more than 4 inches apart to prevent a child from climbing over or squeezing through

  2. Always Supervise Kids in & Around the Pool Area: Using barriers and safety nets does not mean you can leave your children unsupervised in the pool area.

    While these safety devices will act as a deterrent and will give parents additional time to locate a child who has strayed from supervision, they are not 100 % childproof.

  3. Keep a Life Saving Floatation Device Handy: Making sure that there is always a usable floatation device handy near the pool is another of the basic pool safety measures. You never know when you may need to use it.

3 Swimming Pool Safety Don’ts

  1. Do Not Allow Kids to Swim Without Adult Supervision: Kids will typically throw caution to the winds when they are in or around the pool and it is paramount that there should be a capable adult around to help a kid who has hit their head whilst diving or has developed cramps while swimming. A reliable child safety pool fence could help you avoid children from entering the pool side when you cannot attend to them.

  2. Do Not Allow Children Who Cannot Swim Into the Pool:Before entering the pool, make sure that all children above four years of age know at least the basic floatation techniques or they should not be allowed into the pool.

    If your children are younger than four years, you should accompany them into the pool and stay by their side right through.

  3. Do Not Allow Younger Kids To Use Spas & Hot Tubs: Younger children are more susceptible to overheating and it is best to not let them use hot tubs and spas.

When considering swimming pool safety, it is crucial to remember that nothing can substitute for unswerving vigilance. Do not leave your kids alone at the poolside. Be observant at all times. Watch what your kids are up to and don’t be afraid to say no if there is even the smallest risk involved.

We really hope you found this swimming pool safety information useful, if you need further advice or help please contact us. You may also be interested in some of our additional home safety info like: safety at home, baby gate safety, swimming pool safety, electrical safety, fire safety, gas safety, kitchen safety, home security, or even internet child safety.

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